Enitan: Episode 2

"You should have aborted me when you had the chance!" Enitan shouted back. Her mouth fell open, as she staggered, holding on to the bed for stability. She felt like she had been hit by a boulder. "What did you say?" She stammered. "I know why you married dad."

Love In the Oddest Place

This is an old story i edited with a couple of changes. I thought to re-share this as it seems to be the one that has still stolen my heart till now. don't know why. shrugs


I drew down the sleeves of my jacket and hugged myself tightly. It was becoming unusually chilly for a hot afternoon. I looked around, then at my wristwatch. It was fifteen minutes past two. Vincent was running late. Why was he taking so long? I had befriended Vincent at the cemetery. Ever since my parents … Continue reading UNFINISHED BUSINESS

Darkest Fear.

Oiza had always been afraid of the dark. It all started when she was four. Her mum had taken her shopping for new toys in a vintage store. As they approached the toy aisle, she had pulled her hands away from her mums' and had run along the aisle, admiring every toy on the shelves. … Continue reading Darkest Fear.

Life’s a Beach.

 Tears began to form a puddle at the base of her eyes as she looked from the paper to her beautiful family; her happy family that had no idea they could anytime be without a wife and mum. “I’m sorry ma’am but you’ve been diagnosed with advanced leukemia.” 

The Handkerchief.

I sat in the comfort of the darkness in my room as I held on to the only piece of material that reminded me of him.  I brought the handkerchief to my nose and inhaled deeply.  Our love story had been cut short.  I sighed as I thought of the events that led to this … Continue reading The Handkerchief.

ON: How I poisoned myself at 8.

I was a very lucky kid. I always had a cake for my birthday. Every year, my birthday would fall during the easter period. My mum was still a caterer then and she  got plenty of orders for easter cakes. Mine was naturally inclusive. So, on this particular birthday eve I was too excited to … Continue reading ON: How I poisoned myself at 8.


Our eyes locked across the room and I fumed at the in recognition. How could Uncle Mufasa not remember his favorite little niece? His favorite cub? I gripped the handle of my seat to control the seething rage building up in me. It was grandpa's burial and I didn't want to create a scene. Mufasa … Continue reading Mufasa