A Letter to My Younger Self.

Expressing my thoughts through writing.

Dear Young Lindsay.

Today I am taking a break from my busy schedule to write to you, something which I should have done a long time ago.

Believe in yourself Lindsay. I missed so many opportunities because I doubted myself. Learn to believe in yourself even if you have thousands reasons to doubt yourself. Give your best shot and don’t let failure hold you back.

Travel a lot. The passport you have , make use of it, don’t let it expire without seeing other parts of the world. Exploring will open your mind. Seize every opportunity you get and take lots of pictures for memories.

Every day remind yourself you are beautiful and wonderfully made. Do not let anyone define your beauty from their own perspective, you are a diamond, born to shine.

LINDSAY, you are hot headed at times, but do not let pride ruin the good…

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