Bella (part 3)

I had read her chat with Dayo. He never cheated on me like Irene had made it seem. The slimy bitch had knocked him out with sleeping pills and taken a picture of them naked in bed. His pleas for her to delete them had fallen on deaf ears.

I took her phone from her bag and unlocked it with her finger print. I then made her watch as I deleted her last chats with Dayo. Actually, it was her chat with me as I had lured her down to his place. I did the same on Dayo’s phone. I looked at my wristwatch. Time was running out. I punched her by the side of the head and watched as she passed out again.

Quickly, I posted some cryptic messages on all her social media platforms. Her fans didn’t know what was about to hit them. Satisfied with the concerned comments that were beginning to roll in, I dropped the phone by the bed side. I untied her and stripped her and had broken into a sweat by the time I had dragged her to the bed. I laid her gently next to Dayo’s body and in swift succession slit her two wrists.

As I watched the bed turned crimson, I fell back and chocked on tears. Who have I become? I walked over to Dayo’s side and fell over his body as my body shook with sobs. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the slit I had made across his neck. I hate that I had to desecrate the body of the man I loved but I had to do what I had to do. Dayo had initially died after having an attack and trying to get his emergency inhaler from the kitchen. I did all I could to resuscitate him but I guess his heart condition had gotten him for good this time.

The initial plan was to set her up for his murder but I realised someday, and maybe soon, she might be free from the shackles of jail. I can’t bear watching her live when my Dayo is no more. She had to pay for his death and it was a life for a life. By the time the story gets out, it would be a case of murder-suicide; a crazy ex-girlfriend who desperately wanted another woman’s man to herself and saw death as the only way they would be together. I took one last look at my Dayo and ran out of the house, making sure I wasn’t seen.

*** *** ***

It was the second time I’d be sitting in my shower this night. This time, I watched as the water turned red from the blood peeling off the pocket knife. Dayo was gone. Just…gone. This wasn’t how I had envisioned the night would go. I cried till I ran out of tears.

My ringing phone startled me. I had fallen asleep naked and curled up on the floor of my room. It was my sister.

“Hello…” I said, rather weakly.

“Check your Instagram DM. Now!”

I picked up my phone. She had tagged me on a post. The story had hit the blogs. It was concluded just as I had predicted. I sighed, switched off my phone and went back to bed. I’d have to deal with the phone calls later. Right now, I needed to gather strength for the journey ahead. It wasn’t over yet.

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