Bella (part 2)

I knocked on the door, cringing for the moment he’d open. Dipping my hands in my pocket, and keeping my straightest face, I waited. A minute passed. There was no response. I turned the knob and the door opened. That was unusual. Dayo is so paranoid and never leaves his door open. I walked in.

“Dayo.” I called out softly, there was no response. I called out again, this time a bit louder. Still no response. I noticed one of the dining chairs was turned over. That didn’t look right. I walked slowly towards the dining area, still calling out his name. I saw his shoes first and then his legs. I screamed as I fell by his side.

*** *** ***

Irene picked up her phone and unlocked it. It was a message from the very one she has been expecting it from. Picking up her purse, she picked her keys as she smiled happily out of the house.

It took her shorter than expected to get to her destination. Thank God speed limit wasn’t taken seriously in this country. She drove in and parked her car, trotting to the door. The text had mentioned the door would be open by the time she got there. She walked in and made straight for the bedroom, stopping by the door. He was lying in bed and looked like he had fallen asleep while waiting for her. She didn’t see the figure come out of the shadows. Everything went dark before she hit the ground.

*** *** ***

I stared at the figure before me and felt no pity. At this point I was ready to lose my medical license. Hell, I was ready to go to jail. But that wasn’t going to happen because I had come up with the perfect plan. I drew my chair close to her and splashed water on her face. She came to and when realization hit her, she began to struggle. But she wasn’t going anywhere. She was secured tightly to the chair and her mouth gagged.

I pulled out a pocket knife and put up Dayo’s phone to her face, slowly removing the gag from her mouth.

“Make any sound and I’ll slit your throat.” I pointed to Dayo’s body on the bed and raised my eyebrow. “Just like I did to him.”

She whimpered and started to cry when she realised Dayo wasn’t asleep but was in fact dead. Her mascara was beginning to run down her face. She looked pathetic. That made me happy. I removed her gag.

“Please don’t kill me, I’ll do anything.” She stammered.

“Why did you lie?”

She started to scream and I slapped it out of her mouth. I moved swiftly behind her and cut her ponytail off.

“Make one more noise and this time, it would be some flesh.”

That shut her mouth up and opened up another hole. It seemed the pretty Irene had urinated herself. I didn’t even recognize the laughter that was coming from the depth of my throat. I grabbed her chin.

“Why did you lie to me, Irene?” I could see the snort running down her nose.
“I wanted to break you and Dayo up.” She said, amidst sobs.

I ran the blunt edge of the knife across her cheek. “All Dayo did was take in your drunken ass for the night and you decided to repay his good for evil. You didn’t just break us up, he’s now dead because of you.”

“Bella plea…”

I didn’t let her finish her sentence as I stuffed the sock back in her mouth.

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