Bella (part 1)

Communication keeps a relationship alive. Or possibly…you.”

I stood mortified under the shower as steam arose all around me. Not only was my head spinning, I was having a mixture of blinding rage and staggering pain. The next moment, I was sitting on the cold tiled floor. It was as if someone had punctured my tear ducts as the tears began to flow freely. I pulled my knees to her chin and clutched them tightly. My heart literally ached.

How was I going to handle this? I closed my eyes and wished I could erase it all. There was no denying what I had seen. My greatest fear had finally played out before me. A month to go and Dayo had to go betray me like that? More tears flowed down the drain along with the warm water that sprayed my naked body.

I opened my eyes. Crying wouldn’t solve this or make it go away. I had to do something about this. I had to confront Dayo. It was the only way to get to the bottom of this and possibly past it.

Should I visit him now?

Should I allow my rage wear off?

I stepped out of the shower to my bedroom and looked at the wall clock. It was just some minutes past 7pm. I could get to Dayo’s place in about 30 minutes, give or take. If I didn’t sort this now, it’s certain I will spend the rest of the night turning and tossing in bed.

*** *** ***

My heart rammed against my ribcage as I stood in front of his door, taking steady breaths. I had informed him earlier I was coming over but he had no idea what was coming to hit him. I made to press the bell the second time when the door happened.

“Hey babe. How…” The rest of his words hung in the air as I swatted his arms away and walked in, trying to contain the storm that was already building up in me. There would be no beating around the bush. I turned just in time to see him behind me and shoved the phone in his face.

“What is this?”

His eyes almost bugged out as he stared at the picture of him and Irene in his bed. In that instant, all I wanted to do was pull his eyes out and shove them down his throat. You lying, cheating bastard, I wanted to say. I grit my teeth as I clenched my unoccupied hand in a tight fist.

“Bell…Bella…I…I…I can explain.”

He was stuttering. That meant he was about to lie. I wasn’t ready to listen to what he had to say at this point. I squinted and returned the phone to my pocket. I was ready to kill someone at this point and needed to walk away. Pulling out the diamond ring off my finger, I threw it at him as he stumbled while catching it.

“Bella, please. Don’t do this.”

“Go give that to Irene. Isn’t that what she has always wanted?”

I fought the tears threatening to pour. I wasn’t going to let him see me this way. No way.

“Goodbye, Dayo.” I stormed angrily towards the door, pushing him out of the way. “And don’t follow me or I swear to God….” I screamed at him.

The last thing I heard before the door slammed shut was “Irene, what have you done?”

As I stood by the end of the street, I let the tears fall as my body shook. After letting it all out, I reached for my phone to order an Uber. It wasn’t where I kept it. I searched all my pockets. They came up empty. What if…what if it fell at Dayo’s place?

Shit. There was no way I wouldn’t go back in there. I clutched at my wet face like I was about to rip out the skin as I took the slow walk back to his house at the other end of the street. I dabbed my tears but that wasn’t going to hide the redness of my eyes. I sighed. This day has been such a terrible one. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Will they have another altercation? How will it turn out this time around?Stick around to find out what would happen next.

Thanks for reading.

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