How To Get Away With Murder

murderElla looked around the room, eyes clouded with tears. Women in their various sizes and ages wailed. The men simply shook their heads and sighed. The unasked question remained plastered on everyone’s face. What happened to such a vibrant, young man?

Five nights ago, Tobi had driven out of the house in anger after they had an altercation. She didn’t wait up and never realised he didn’t come home until she received a call in the early hours of the morning. Her husband’s car had been found parked by the third mainland bridge with no signs of him anywhere. He had left behind his phone and a handwritten note. It was believed he jumped to his death.

She listened as his mother cursed and blamed her for killing her beloved son. The aggrieved woman accused her of not giving him peace in the marriage, driving him to taking his own life. This was the same woman who looked the other way whenever Ella visited with a swollen face or an overly bruised body. According to her, her son was a good man and she was the one always provoking him. She was told she deserved the beatings.

Just as a beast like Tobi deserves not to have his name immortalized. His body was yet to be recovered and according to their custom, a proper burial can’t be conducted. They’d never find his body for in the garage is a patch of floor that looks different from the others.

Cooling below layers of cement was their beloved son.


Did you enjoy the story? Let me know what you think. Enjoy your weekend!!!

4 thoughts on “How To Get Away With Murder

  1. rockcalvary says:

    I did. You know who else enjoyed your story? Detective Aliyu from Area F Force headquarters. He asked for your number and I gladly obliged. He’d be reaching out to you soon for questioning. 😏


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