5 Reasons I’m Not Excited About November

Ever since I woke up this morning and realized it was the 31st of October, I’ve been dreading the end of this faithful month.

I know the rest of the world can’t wait to be over October. I mean, it’s about time to waltz into the pre-christmas month. I, on the other hand will gladly hold the minute and second hands of every clock on earth so it doesn’t clock midnight.

Point is, I’m not excited about the new month. Here are my reasons.

1. I’m so crushed.

November makes it six-months post NYSC and it’s kinda scary looking back and wondering, wait… What the heck did I do with all that time?

2. Age Rage

I’m also six months away from officially being in my late twenties. Lol. A quick reminder that the ovaries ain’t gonna stay fresh forever girl. Plus it’s really scary when you begin to think, “what exactly have I done with my life? And where did you say I’m headed?” There is so much to say about this. Apparently, I seem to be experiencing a quarter life crisis. One I seem to be handling woefully on my own, thank you very much.

3. I Hate Christmas

Not really. But I kinda don’t like Christmas and all the festivities that come with it. Christmas died with my childhood and I really get no excitement from it anymore. Plus all that crappy Christmas songs, the knock outs, white and red everywhere…*face palm* It’s a very noisy period and I’ve realised I seem to have developed a low tolerance for noise. Can we skip Christmas this year?

4. Epic Fail. Again.

I hate the monthly reminder of those goals I never got to achieve the previous month(s). Like how I told myself I’d stay off carbonated drinks all through October. Well guess who is drinking Bigi Tropical right now? Yeah. That’s me. Or the one and half books I wrote and abandoned. I’m never going to publish at this rate.

5. Deadline.

I have a work deadline tomorrow which implies I’m going to be staying up real late. But my head is in a fuzzy state right now and I just want to hibernate. Like have a very long, deep, deep sleep. Maybe wake up when I find out I’m Otedola’s secret child.


Okay, I need to haul my ass home right now, so that’s it for the night. Thanks for listening to my dry bants. Your Candid advice…or preferably a box of pizza and ice cream will be highly appreciated. 😊😊😊

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m Not Excited About November

  1. Logo Oluwole says:

    Eeya, Pele oo…well, life would always be life…just gotta go through it and see what’s in store for you. But wait…you gonna hit 30 soon??? Interesting!


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