Ditching the bra!!!

Today is the day we let our babies loose ALL DAY! *does the chicken dance* Let me give you gist. •

Early last year, I got into full blown panic mode. I was feeling some kind of big ‘kokos’ in my left breast so I made the big mistake of checking google. Google told me I had cancer. I was in a state of breastitude frantica. 😭😭😭 This can’t be. I was so afraid of finding out it’s true that it stopped me from going to go get it checked. I couldn’t even tell anyone. To worsen it, I started having pains in the breast at that time. I was like God, I don’t want to die. I have not even starred chopping life. 😭😭😭

For two months, I was in a state of pre-depression. All I was thinking of was cancer and death. Every morning, I would press the breast and start playing the film of the rest of my life. I know how much it takes to treat/maintain cancer. My family doesn’t have that kind of money. At one point, I was even consoling myself with the fact that it could be a benign tumor. Last, last na surgery and I go dey alright. After imagining the worst possible scenario, deciding how I’d share my tiny possessions and even picking who would read my eulogy, I eventually confided in two guys.

Just lookat. Men O. Men. I couldn’t even tell my mum. My mum would have brought the sky down. If panic button had a face, it would be my mum’s. 😂😂😂‚ They encouraged/pressured me to go get checked and I started looking for a place. I found @optimalcancerfoundation on Facebook and they happened to be doing free screening every Friday. I turned up and that waiting period was hell. When it got to my turn, I walked into the room like I was like walking to the hangman’s noose. I was just hearing some kind of evil voices in my head.

The woman started pressing breast. I was like, God…I’m sure she must have been feeling my intense heartbeat but I didn’t even care. I didn’t want to be in there. I didn’t want any of this to be real. She then said to me, ‘I think you should get a scan because I can feel some things in your breast but I’m not sure’. I’m very sure my heart stopped momentarily. Say what? My worst fear is being confirmed. 😨😨😨

I went in for a scan. It took will power not to Start crying there because I had my eyes on the doctor and the way she was looking at the monitor was just scaring me. She did for both breasts but spent a whole lot of time on the left one. See ehh, I’ve never been that scared in my whole life. Honezly. As she told me nothing was wrong with me and I should just use pain killers, see the way I ja pa’d out of there ehh? It wasn’t even funny that period. It took me a while to recover from all that mental and emotional stress I had put on myself.

Please, do not be like me. 😂😂😂 Awareness and early detection is key. We are losing more Nigerian women to breast cancer because they don’t know these things. All you have to do to save the lives of our beautiful, beautiful women is to either help raise the awareness on how to detect breast cancer or partake in raising funds to help find a a possible cure. Let’s not wait till it hits home before we get involved, guys. Tell your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, female friends, colleagues ati beh beh loh.

And all my ladies, to be a part of the campaign, we are supposed to upload a picture of us with no bra but I don’t know why mine is not uploading. I guess it’s network. Please, no further questions


Have you or do you know anyone who has had a cancer scare? Wanna share?

3 thoughts on “Ditching the bra!!!

  1. rockcalvary says:

    Wow. I can imagine the trauma mehn! I just recently heard (sometime last month) that guys too could have breast cancer. Scary shit mahn! I’ve been pressing my best regularly to check myself. Guess we’ll all be part of the no bra campaign this year. I’ll send you my pics if you’ll send me yours 😉


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