She couldn’t really come up with a reason why she liked Uche. He wasn’t the kind of guy you’d throw a second glance or flip your imaginary hair just to catch his eye. He looked liked your average guy out there. There were no special features, at least not the kind that would have the girls scrambling to take in a bit of the air he just exhaled. There was no name for it… this thing she felt. She wasn’t infatuated. And the last time she had a crush was in her junior secondary school. What she felt with him was more of a connection. Whenever he was close to her, it was as if her Wi-Fi just connected to an open source. He really was a hotspot. No pun intended.

Staring at him as he ordered wasn’t helping. The overhead light shone directly on him and accentuated the details of his face. He had a growing beard connected to a nicely shaped teddy. More so, she was tempted to rub her small hands around his bald head. If she was tall enough, she was so certain she would see her reflection on his head. She giggled quietly, rubbing her sweaty palms together. They had been that way since she walked into the café and caught a glimpse of him sitting like the masterpiece he was. Damn. What was she doing to herself? She knew he probably didn’t see her different from the next girl and was only being polite by asking her to lunch. It meant nothing special to him. But still she hoped that maybe somewhere in there in his subconscious, he felt something. It doesn’t matter if it’s as little as a matchstick flame. She had enough fuel in her to turn this into a bonfire.

Uche turned to her with a smile, the smile that always has her going into part time comatose. Was she falling in love with this friendly stranger? They had been working technically not together for a couple of months. They were in different departments, on different floors at the office. She had noticed him from the first day she resumed. He only recently paid her some attention at a group lunch. Still, she was anxious to know why he had asked her to come over for some coffee. Lunch break wouldn’t be over for another thirty minutes. That was more than enough time.

They picked a seat by the corner overseeing the rest of the café, this time trading places with his back towards the rest of the world. He probably wanted to have his eyes only for her. She blushed. Girl, slow down; you wilding. But could she really help it? His dark eyes were like lasers, piercing into her very soul. She could feel her guts melting like wax before fire. The lines at the edges of his mouth; if only she could reach out to touch them. If only she could run her finger across his lips and…


She was jolted back to reality, grateful she didn’t spill her coffee in the process.

“Did you get what I said?”

She cleared her throat and fought hard not to look uncomfortable. “I…erm, sorry. Could you repeat what you said, please?”

She saw a glint in his eyes. “Okay. I was told you are an event planner on the side.”

Oh, it’s work, even great. She could use some extra cash with her birthday coming around the corner.

“Yes, I am.” She almost giggled. This was going great, acting all cool and stuff. She deserved an Oscar already.

“So, here’s the thing. I’m getting married and….”

She zoned out after the ‘married’. Time stopped. Coffee splashed. There was a quick excuse to use the bathroom. And there…Eva cried. Her hopes dashed.

Thank you for reading to the end. What would you have done if you were in Eva’s shoes? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below.

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8 thoughts on “Crimson

  1. rockcalvary says:

    Ouch! That jolted me at the end. All the dreams we build in our heads without even knowing it. If this counted as heartbreak, then I’d probably be an expert heartbreakee. Nice story I loveet 😁


  2. Logo Oluwole says:

    Lol…Reality Check! Usche is doing Igbeyawo! So go and be his event planner…make some ego and move on. Err…this piece isn’t well spaced dear. Had to be bring my gadget screen close to my face. But then…interesting story line.


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