Pay more attention to your brainy brains.

Just like every other organ in the body, the brain is prone to sickness. When this happens, it results into what we know as mental illness. Mental illness is not what people have demonized it to be. Mental illness is not the same as madness. Mental illness is not necessarily a spiritual problem. Like cancer or high BP, It could be caused by genetical or environmental factors.

If you want to solve a problem, you have to first recognize that there is a problem. It has been predicted that in 20 years, mental illness is going to be the lead cause of diseases worldwide. Per adventure you find yourself or someone experiencing the following symptoms, it’s advisable to see a specialist for diagnosis and possible treatment.

°Feeling sad or down.

°Reduced ability to concentrate or confused thinking.

°Excessive fears or worries.

°Etreme feelings of guilt.

°Extreme high and low mood change.

°Withdrawal from family, friends and social activities.

°Problems sleeping, significant tiredness or low energy.

°Paranioa, detachment from reality (delusions) or hallucinations.

°Inability to cope with stress or daily problems.

°Trouble understanding and relating to people and situations.

°Alcohol or drug abuse.

°Major weight loss or weight gain.

°Changes in sex drive.

°Excessive anger, hostility or violence.

°Suicidal thoughts.

NOTE: Having some of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily translate to mental illness. See a specialist. Don’t self diagnose. And don’t be scared to seek help. Mental illness is not death sentence.

Do you think with all the awareness, that mental health is being taken seriously? Let’s hear your views.

One thought on “Pay more attention to your brainy brains.

  1. oluwatunbi says:

    I hope this will enlightened people’s mind. We often look away from this because of a preconceived mind that we are talking of madness. This should be shared till it got to the last person. Thanks for this.


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