Love and Illusions (Part 2)

“What is this?” I half shouted. He showed me another picture of Tade, a much younger version of him. This time, it was an obituary. I laughed. “What sort of expensive joke is this, young man? Don’t make me call security on you.”
He sighed. “I hate to be the one to break this to you ma’am but your husband is not who he claims to be.”
“What are you talking about? That man in the pictures is not my husband. Haven’t you heard of doppelgangers? My husband will be out any minute from now and we will have you charged for harassment.” I was beginning to break out in sweats. Tade still wasn’t coming forth. I looked back and locked eyes with the woman who accompanied the stranger. I saw pity in her eyes.
“I know it’s hard but you have to believe me. That man in there is not your husband. Kunle died ten years ago.”
I slapped my palm on the table. “Stop this madness right now! My husband is not Kunle!”
“Why do you think he hasn’t come out of the restroom? Its been how long? 5, 10 minutes?”
I could feel my pulse rising. Now I was mad at Tade. Why was he taking so long and making me face this madman alone. I looked towards the restroom area.
“He’s not coming back. Your husband is a living dead and once their cover is blown, they disappear.”
“You have lost your damn mind.” I was beginning to sweat profusely. I couldn’t come up with a reason why Tade hadn’t returned.
“Go see for yourself I you don’t believe me.” He stood up, waiting for me to make up my mind.
“The only reason I’d follow you is to make sure no harm has come to my husband.” As I stood up, he saw my stomach and recoiled.
“This cannot be.” I could see dread flash across his face. I scowled and pushed him out of the way. We got to the restroom and I stood aside waiting for him to go in and check on my husband. He went in and came out. No Tade.
“I told you he was gone. If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself.” With a racing heart, I reluctantly walked in and began to check the bathroom stalls one by one. They were all empty. Then I brought out my phone from by pocket and dialed his number. “The number you’ve called does not exist”. I shook my head. This must be a huge mistake. I tried his other line. Same response. My hands were beginning to shake. This can’t be happening.
“I think he left you a message.” I turned to him and followed the direction of his pointed hand. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. I wasn’t shocked by the “I’m sorry” I saw scrambled across the mirror. It was something else. I stared at my reflection and ran my hand along my belly. It was…flat. I stumbled against the counter top.
“Madam, are you okay?”
Those were the last words I heard before my world went blank.


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