Love and Illusions (Part 1)


I ran (literally) into Tade one morning when I was rushing to catch up with the staff bus. I had just been transferred to Abuja and I was still trying to get familiar with the environment. The contents of my bag had spilled out in the process and he must have picked up one of my cards because I received a call from him later in the day. I was initially upset about it but he calmed me down and convinced me to have lunch with him that weekend. He wanted to apologize for “running” into me and also promised to show me around town. He must have guessed I was new in town because my complimentary card still had my old Lagos office address.

Few months later, we started dating. I always told people he was God’s gift to me as I’d gone through a string of broken relationships. Tade was the answer to my prayers. It was almost too good to be true as I got everything I had always wanted in a relationship. I almost felt like I didn’t deserve it. Or maybe I did. After all the bozos I had to go through, I finally got my Boaz. Somebody pinch me!

I stared at my husband as I rubbed my protruding belly gently. We had come out for our six months anniversary and he seemed lost in the menu. According to him, he was so worried I would eat something that would affect me and the baby. I had reassured him we’d both be fine. But Tade can be paranoid, so I let him be. I watched as a couple approached, their arms locked. I smiled at them as they passed us by. They must be so in love. Just like me and my Tade. I noticed he was looking past my shoulders and turned. The couple had stopped and they were looking at my husband. He also had a quizzed look on his face. I watched as they approached our table.

“Kunle?” The man called, trying to get the attention of my husband who pretended to be engrossed in the menu. You’d think he was preparing for an examination. I came to the rescue.

“I’m sorry. My husband is Tade not Kunle.” At the mention of his name, he looked up, acting like he just noticed the strangers for the first time. I saw something flash in the eyes of the strange man.

“I’m sorry. You look so much like someone I once knew. My apologies. Enjoy your afternoon.” They both walked away, saying something between themselves.

“Baby…” He called, giving me the same smile that made me fall in love with him on our first date.

“Yes love.”

“Excuse me. I need to use the rest room.” He bent and gave me a kiss before leaving. I could feel our baby kicking with excitement. He probably couldn’t wait to come into the world and witness the love between daddy and mummy.

I looked at my wristwatch. It was five minutes since Tade had gone to the rest room. I began to feel uneasy. The guy from earlier approached our table. I clenched my fist as he sat where my Tade sat. Did he realize my husband could come back any minute? I withdrew my hand as I noticed he was staring at my wedding band.

“That’s your husband right?”

“Who are you and what do you want?” This man was beginning to bother me. Where is Tade?

“I don’t know if this is the right thing for me to do but…” He hesitated. “I need to show you something.” He brought out his phone and showed me a series of pictures. They were pictures of my husband. But the fact that a stranger had pictures of my husband wasn’t what made me almost have a mini heart attack. It was the fact that in every picture, he was with a different woman and they seemed to be taken at weddings. My husband, married to five different women!

To be continued.

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