#6wordstory – 9/5

I've been under so much pressure lately. I hardly get enough sleep. Combining keeping up with the blog with a full time job is having it's toll on me. Migraines have become a part of my everyday life. My body doesn't feel like mine anymore. I don't work well under pressure. Yesterday, I had had … Continue reading #6wordstory – 9/5

ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 

I happen to be one of those who experienced early maturity. I mean developing  breasts when my mates were still running around topless. I had my first bra when I was 10. I remember clearly that sunny afternoon, I was outside the compound with my dad when this woman with all sorts on a tray … Continue reading ON: Dad embarrassing his little girl. 

Tuesday Top Five: Books of the year. 

I'm really not good with reviews so pardon me if It's not enlightening enough.  1. The Origin by Dan Brown.  Where did we come from? Where are we going? I've read all his books and I'm familiar with the amount of research he puts into writing. I was so eager to know the answer to … Continue reading Tuesday Top Five: Books of the year. 

Darkest Fear.

Oiza had always been afraid of the dark. It all started when she was four. Her mum had taken her shopping for new toys in a vintage store. As they approached the toy aisle, she had pulled her hands away from her mums' and had run along the aisle, admiring every toy on the shelves. … Continue reading Darkest Fear.


Growing up, my dad was really strict with us. He didn't allow us watch TV except he put it on and we only watched what he wanted us to watch. Then we bought our first DVD player. This also was supposed to be a no go area. DVDs then usually came with a game CD … Continue reading ON: CONTRA-band

The path taken: My writing journey.

​ Writing for me started as a means of escape from the mental ocean I was drowning in. I needed an outlet to let steam out. This was back in my senior high. Then I stopped writing because I realized I was putting too much of myself in the stories and people who knew me … Continue reading The path taken: My writing journey.

Life’s a Beach.

 Tears began to form a puddle at the base of her eyes as she looked from the paper to her beautiful family; her happy family that had no idea they could anytime be without a wife and mum. “I’m sorry ma’am but you’ve been diagnosed with advanced leukemia.”