I drew down the sleeves of my jacket and hugged myself tightly. It was becoming unusually chilly for a hot afternoon. I looked around, then at my wristwatch. It was fifteen minutes past two. Vincent was running late. Why was he taking so long?

I had befriended Vincent at the cemetery. Ever since my parents died in a plane crash, I had been visiting their burial site every weekend. It was what helped me to continue living as their deaths had shaken the core of my existence. I would come sit at their graves, pour out my frustrations while crying my eyes out. But I always left feeling better. It was as if they were both seated on either side of me, comforting me through the whole process.

Vincent had also been visiting a dead relative. His brother had been killed by a stray bullet from the rifle of a drunk policeman. He was the only family he had had left. Ever since we met, we had agreed to come visit at the same time and afterwards, go grab lunch. We never exchanged numbers. We just showed up. Today was supposed to be our third meet but he wasn’t forthcoming. He had promised to take me to his brother’s grave. I on the other hand wasn’t comfortable enough to take him to go visit my parent’s.
I saw a figure approaching and used my hand to shade the sun rays. I couldn’t make out who it was. When the figure got close, I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t him. The stranger seemed to be heading exactly towards me.

“Waiting for someone?” He asked.

Not like it’s any of your business. “Yes, I am.” I responded. He smiled.
“Vincent right?” I was shocked. How did he…
“How do i know?” You are probably wondering.” I stared blankly. “Come with me.” He said.
Ermm,…no. Rule number 257, never follow a stranger in a cemetery. You could end up as someone’s face mask or have your soul sucked out by a soul-thirsty spirit. He could be a psycho.

“Don’t be afraid. Come with me.” I looked around. There were a couple of people scattered around so I decided to risk it. We walked a bit further and he took me to a decorated tombstone.
“Why am I here?” I asked.
“Look closely at the name.” It read Bolanle Vincent Ajayi. Born August 1, 1998, Died April 5, 2015. I looked into his eyes tying to make sense of all these.
“Vincent was my son and the only child I had.” I stumbled backwards in shock.

“Your son? I stammered.

“He died prematurely. After ten years of looking for a child, we went to get one from the river goddess. The child was supposed to live to twenty years and then return” He had a sad look as he looked at the grave. “His spirit had been roaming around since then because it wasn’t his time.” He turned to look at me. “He also sent me to you.”

“What?” I looked at the tombstone. “But…Vincent and I had lunch a couple of times. What are you talking about?”
“You are the only one apart from me who could see him. He must have really liked you as he couldn’t tell you this himself.”
I shivered. I couldn’t tell if it was the cold or the fact I have begun to see dead people. No one was going to believe this. For some reason, I looked at the date on my wristwatch. It was August 1st.

“So…he’s gone?”

He nodded. Vincent is gone now.” I twirled my hand around the bracelet he had given me. It was made of seven differently colored stone. He had said it would help with my chakra. He had been teaching me how to unlock my third eye. I removed it and laid it on his grave. I couldn’t tell if it was out of fear or not wanting to have anything to do with the dead. As I walked out of the cemetery, I couldn’t help but feel a presence trailing me.

All these happened exactly a year ago. That was also the last time I stepped in the cemetery. I turned over in my bed and looked at the bedside clock. It was 2:15pm. I shielded my eyes as an object reflected the sunrays into my eyes. I stood up and walked to my dresser. It was a colored bracelet. I would recognize them anywhere. It was the same one Vincent had given me. While trying to make sense of what was going on, my phone chimed. I had a message from an unknown number. I unlocked my phone and clicked on it.

“Hi…it’s Vincent.

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