My brain functions like a power point slide. 

Okay. The honest truth is, I am very forgetful and I have a very, very short attention span. It’s a lot of work to really get my attention. I’m staring at you and nodding could just be me trying not to make you feel like a radio. 😂😂😂My brain soaks information up and then tucks it somewhere far away from my reach till one day it decides to give me a ladder to go up and explore. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that I fell from a scary height at six and landed with the back of my head. *shrugs* I never went for a brain scan. Not sure i want to now. So,…we’d never know.

The problem is whenever i’m having a conversation and an idea flashes, I have to pen it down that instant or I’d have forgotten it before the person finishes the next sentence. That is why I don’t joke with pen and sticky notes. Especially my pen (black is my favorite by the way. It gives me this…vibe when writing). Remember my purse dump post? Yeah. I always have two pens in my bag should I lose one because leaving home without one makes me feel naked. So, per adventure you go through my bag or desk or drawer, particularly under my pillow, there’s a 99% probability of you finding pieces of paper all around. If you make the mistake of “clearing” my space, thinking you’ve done me a favor, it’s possible you just threw out the idea for my bestseller. 😂😂😂

But hey, I decided to grow up and finally got myself a writing journal. It’s ALWAYS on me now. So, if you come across a girl writing on a peach colored journal in the middle of the road, say hi because that’s the girl with the warped mind trying to pen down an idea before it disappears. And remember to wait till I’m done writing. You don’t want me kicking your butt should I lose that momentarily connection. *winks*

What are the weird things you do when it comes to writing? How do you get your inspirations? How far do you go to get them?

PS: Watch was a present by a huge mentor of mine. He practically woke my dusty brain and I owe him an island in the near future. Haha.

PS2: This is the first time since I went natural that I’m getting a decent natural hairstyle. I suck with hair maintenance. 😭😭😭

4 thoughts on “My brain functions like a power point slide. 

  1. thehopeminersdigest says:

    I loved this piece and I can definitely identify with you when it comes to writing down my ideas immediately before I forget them. I recently invested in a journal myself that I have yet to use because I’m still weaning myself from jotting down my notes via text in my iPhone notes. Luckily I don’t stay near you otherwise I might be in danger of getting my “butt kicked” for interrupting you *smile*


    • Yemi Taiwo says:

      hahahaha. i prefer using my phone notebook when a story or piece is just flowing. the journal is basically for bullets. it’s much work writing with pen and then having to type. i practically abandoned a book project because i was too lazy to write and i can’t outsource it because i’m not really comfortable with people reading my raw, unedited works.

      Thanks for reading through.

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      • thehopeminersdigest says:

        We’re definitely on the same page lol I need to be more disciplined with my journaling. My iPhone notes are good but theres nothing like seeing your words on written down on paper. You are very welcome and thank you for taking out the time to respond.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophia Ismaa Writes says:

    You look gorgeous and, OMG, you are not alone with the short attention span! Do please go to the doctors and have it checked, falling on your head is incredibly serious and you don’t know what else might have happened.


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