The path taken: My writing journey.


Writing for me started as a means of escape from the mental ocean I was drowning in. I needed an outlet to let steam out. This was back in my senior high. Then I stopped writing because I realized I was putting too much of myself in the stories and people who knew me would notice. I didn’t want to be that exposed. Then I switched to writing songs. Love songs, break up songs, rap…Lol. One particular song still sticks in my head. (I’d put it in a separate post). Maybe someday I’d stroll into the studio. Hahahaha. I was also really good at composing love messages. I loved it most when they rhymed. Then I went to college and basically stopped writing. I actually never thought anything could come out of it plus college life was just way too distracting. I picked up writing again in 2016 when i was lying in my dorm room and a scene popped in my head. Then a story developed. That was how was born. I never intended to blog. I just needed a place to stash the story and the forthcoming ones. I struggled to write stories for a while. Late last year, i became intentional about writing. I didn’t know exactly how to go about. But all I did was write. I paid more attention when I read books. I followed many writing pages and writers.  I challenged myself. I had few people who inspired and motivated me (Mr Seun Akisanmi, Bayoshotit, Hanamel amongst others). My writing so far has improved. I can feel my stories move from a 2D to a 3D effect. What’s the highest “D”  by the way? 😋😋😋

There are so many things I still need to learn. So many things I’m eager to learn. I’ve decided to focus full time on writing. And so I write at every opportunity. I was inspired to write this post when I found myself writing a story in church while the service was going on. Lol. That is just how crazy I am about writing now. When the idea comes, wherever I might be at that time, I don’t procrastinate. I build a story around it immediately. So, if you find me writing or typing when we are together, don’t get offended. A story is being born! I intend to be a best selling author so I’m working on publishing soon. But for the mean time, enjoy my short stories and co that I’d be bringing your way. 

PS: I have a book to my name. It’s called “Highly Favored.” I don’t talk about it because,… well I was really scared the book wasn’t good enough plus the publishers made one too many embarrassing bonkers in the book. (If you want to publish a book, follow it up to the end.) I still got copies and it’s an interesting read anyways. 

Thank you for reading till this point. Please check out the other stories, leave comments, suggestions, constructive criticism and the likes. 

Love, Yemi.

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