Don’t touch me!!!

I don't know if it's a thing but I don't like when other people's bodies make contact with mine. It makes me super uncomfortable. Irritated more like it. Like when I'm walking on the road, I carefully navigate my way through people making sure their bodies doesn't touch mine. I do the same if I'm … Continue reading Don’t touch me!!!

Love In the Oddest Place

This is an old story i edited with a couple of changes. I thought to re-share this as it seems to be the one that has still stolen my heart till now. don't know why. shrugs


I drew down the sleeves of my jacket and hugged myself tightly. It was becoming unusually chilly for a hot afternoon. I looked around, then at my wristwatch. It was fifteen minutes past two. Vincent was running late. Why was he taking so long? I had befriended Vincent at the cemetery. Ever since my parents … Continue reading UNFINISHED BUSINESS

What do you collect?

I collect hair. My own hair before y'all begin to think I'm creepy. I can't really say what spurred it but for five years now I've been collecting my hair. Whenever I comb my hair, I pack the ones that fell out together and dump in a jar. I have two jars now and I'm … Continue reading What do you collect?

My brain functions like a power point slide. 

Okay. The honest truth is, I am very forgetful and I have a very, very short attention span. It's a lot of work to really get my attention. I'm staring at you and nodding could just be me trying not to make you feel like a radio. 😂😂😂My brain soaks information up and then tucks … Continue reading My brain functions like a power point slide. 

ON: Witch Hunting

Growing up was a whole lot of fun. We lived in a large compound that housed six families with an average of two children per flat. There was never a dull moment...well, except for when our parents forcefully kept us inside. We would Invent various kind of games during the day and converge for meetings … Continue reading ON: Witch Hunting

#6wordstory – 10/5

The world system by default has a way of trying to put you in a box. It tries to dictate to you what the "ideal" life is and how to live it. Pressures are mounting by the very fact that you need to fit in just right into the society standard. From getting the perfect … Continue reading #6wordstory – 10/5

Raindrops and Kisses

The clouds are gathering, you said. Let them. They've come to watch two lovers walking through a park, I had responded. We giggled and walked towards the Lagoon. The sky with it's darker hue of blue met with the water across the horizon, blending into a perfect work of art. God's art. It's beautiful, I … Continue reading Raindrops and Kisses