Our eyes locked across the room and I fumed at the in recognition. How could Uncle Mufasa not remember his favorite little niece? His favorite cub? I gripped the handle of my seat to control the seething rage building up in me. It was grandpa's burial and I didn't want to create a scene. Mufasa … Continue reading Mufasa


I kissed him slightly on the lips and lay back in bed. We hadn't really said anything to each other in the past thirty minutes as we lay in bed. He was buried in the match he was streaming online while I tried to focus on the gossip blog I had stumbled upon. I sighed … Continue reading 4:22

Neighbor Palava

​I covered my ears with my pillow and sank my head deeper into my bed, hoping to shut out the noise. I couldn't tell if it was from my compound or the next. All I knew was the noise seemed to come from the inside of my head. The noise picked up tempo. I could … Continue reading Neighbor Palava

Complexity of Existence.

​As I slipped in and out of consciousness, I wondered how long I had clung to the bench. I wondered how long it would take for help to come...if it did come.  I shuddered as it occurred to me I could be spending the last moments of my life on an abandoned bench, alone and … Continue reading Complexity of Existence.