Because I love you 2.0


I was an outcast. I sat in despair right in the middle of the waste land. I didn’t hear him walk up to me but I felt his shadow fall over me. Covered with mud and ashamed, I looked away. He walked around, stopped and stooped. I looked further away as my mud-caked hair fell just in time to cover half my face. With a delicate finger, he lifted my chin and turned my face towards his. As my blood¬-shot eyes met with his crystal blue eyes, I recoiled and broke down in silent sobs. I wished he would go away. Never had I felt so vulnerable.  I could only stare at my chipped, soil-stained nails through cloudy eyes as I felt naked under his gaze. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him stand and silently prayed he was leaving. Suddenly, I found myself being lifted off the ground. I resisted, pushed and kicked but his arms had me in a strong lock. How could he? I was just one step away from blending perfectly with my environment, yet here he was, a stranger in an all-white ensemble willing to get his garment soiled. I had no idea how far he walked. I must have dozed off in his arms as I felt so at peace. I woke up to the sound of lapping water. He gently dropped me in the waist-deep water and I stood transfixed. I remained frozen as he proceeded to wash every bit of mud off me using the most beautiful shell ever. Sparks began to return to my eyes, a smile began to form on my lips. I had never felt this clean. I closed my eyes and raised my face towards the sky feeling the fresh warmth of the sun. I opened them and he was no longer there. It was then I heard my name. So still, yet so loud. It sounded like the symphony of instruments. I looked around and found him standing at the shore, beckoning to me. I felt a flutter in my chest as I pulled a strand of stray hair behind my ear. I walked slowly towards the shore, unable to take my eyes away from his. Draped across his left arm was the most alluring purple, velvety robe I had ever seen. It was embellished with gold and several precious stones. I rubbed my hands against it and looked into his eyes with unspoken questions. I noticed they were more green than blue now. He turned me around and draped the robe over my shoulders. I could feel my wet, tattered dress replaced by a clean, dry one. Almost like the robe had magical powers. I turned around and in his hands was a crown made out of white roses. With tears in my eyes, I asked, “Why?”  And he replied, placing the crown on my head, “Because I love you.” He wiped my tears away and kissed me on the forehead. “Walk with me.”, he said. I took his hand as we walked along the beach, looking back at the waste land I had come from, never to be seen again.

#Godslove #agapelove #onetruelove #nogreaterlove #seasonoflove #celebrateloveeveryday #shortstory.

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