Tyra clutched the reading table beside her as her legs began to give way. “I am late.”, she thought. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she stared at the lifeless body of her best friend lying on the bloodsoaked bed. She slid down slowly and sat on the floor. April had died exactly how she had seen it. The previous night, she had dreamt April had taken her own life. Knowing April to be a girl full of life, she decided not to dwell on it and concluded she was probably stressed out from preparing for their finals. She never knew it was one of those dreams. Not seeing April at the library that morning made her a bit jittery. When her cell wouldn’t go through, she began to panic and decided to come check her up in her apartment. And now, it was too late. “Too late.”, she thought, as she began to vibrate with sobs. She folded her knees to her chest and started rocking herself. If only she could stop the dreams. If only she could go back in time. She began to terribly wish she had not gone on that hike last summer break.
*                     *                         *                    *

That fateful morning, she found herself walking up the hill with five friends from college, after April had persistently urged her to come along. “It would be fun ”, she said. Somewhere along the line, she lost her balance and fell down the hill, hitting her head on a piece of rock as she got to the bottom. She heard someone shout her name, another screamed and then, there was blackout. She learnt she had been in a coma for two weeks. She had woken up to the noise of nurses and doctors surrounding an elderly black man. He died not too long after. Strangely, it all felt so familiar. Like she was watching a replay of something she had seen before. She blamed it on the head trauma and figured it was nothing. Then, her neighbor’s house got burnt to the ground. Her brother got into a ghastly accident after drinking and driving. Her dad broke his leg in a work accident. Her apartment got burgled. Her boyfriend died on the battle ground. All of which she had dreamt about.

*                     *                     *                    *

She couldn’t tell if the dreams were a warning about an impending danger or the dreams were the reason bad things were happening to everyone she loved and cared about. She had decided to tell April about the dreams after finals, hoping they could find an explanation for it. But now, she was gone. She felt responsible for her death. “If only I had been here earlier.”, she thought sobbing uncontrollably, wondering why her friend did it. No one would ever believe her now. She couldn’t go on living like this. The dreams were never going to stop and would only torment her for the rest of her life. She got up and walked over to the bed, taking a long look at her friend’s still face. Brushing her hair aside, she noticed how April looked like she was just sleeping. Only that there was no waking up this time around. She picked up the knife from the bedside and walked to the other side of the bed. She scribbled a short note, her mind already made up. With one clean swipe, she slit her right wrist, laid next to her best friend and waited for it to end.  As she began to feel life leaving her, she held April’s hand in her left hand. They would remain best friends even in death. She closed her eyes and waited…
“Shade! Shade!”

“Yes, mum”, she said, jolting back to reality.

“You and this your blog sha.  Don’t go and look for husband. Be eating my food and be getting fat, you hear.”, her mum shouted from the kitchen.

“Haba, mumcy…..”, she shouted back, rolling her eyes.

“Shior. Food is ready. Better get your laptop off my dining table and come join me in serving dinner.”

“Be there soon.” She smiled and concluded her story, publishing it and hoping her readers don’t get tired of her weird stories.

What is that they say again?  Yeah. Normal is boring.

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