Bargain gone wrong pt3


“Ta daa! Happy Birthday!!!” Her colleagues said in unison. She was dumbfounded. She never mentioned it to anyone and turned just in time to bump into the culprit.
“Happy Birthday Dunni” Tade said pulling her in for a hug. She inhaled his scent and it felt so good resting her head on his chest. She caught herself then pulled away.
“You…” She said, jabbing him in the chest
“I guess that meeting was a decoy. You people set me up abi?” They all laughed. She gave each of them a hug. “Thank you so much guys. You have made my day”. She smiled at Tade and he winked at her. A call came in and he had to step out. Adunni led everyone to the coffee room where they cut the cake and opened some bottles of wine admist chattering. She noticed Tade still hadn’t returned. She put a piece of cake on a paper plate and picked a glass of wine, heading for his office. She noticed his door was ajar.
” Tade” There was no response. She walked in to see him slumped in his chair, with his head backwards. She called out again. “Tade, are you alright?” He pulled himself forward, placed his elbows on the table and buried his face in his palms. Adunni stood there not knowing what to say or do. He sighed, pulled himself back and met her gaze.
“She broke up with me , Dunni.” He said in a whisper. Time stopped. She dropped the contents of her hand on the table and sat down. Her legs were shaking from shock and excitement. Tade almost caught her smiling.
“Am so sorry. What happened?” She asked, putting on her most sympathetic face.
“She said she was caught up in the euphoria of being engaged but now her head had cleared. She has been exposed to some opportunities over there and would like to explore them. She wouldn’t want marriage to tie her down, she also wouldn’t want me waiting for her and get disappointed. She says we can still be friends.” He stood up and kicked his chair. He stared at her picture on his desk and continued, “She always talked about trying new things and exploring. How could I have been so stupid to think a ring would change that?”
Adunni sat glued to her chair. She had no idea what to say as she had never been caught on the male end of a breakup. “Probably ice cream and chocolate does the magic for men too”, she thought. She stood up.
“After work, you and I are going somewhere “, she stepped out before he could protest. She half ran to her office, Sat in her chair and started spinning as she dialed her friend’s number.
” Pick! Pick! Pick!” She tapped her fingers on the table as she dialed again.
“Babe…” The voice at the other end said.
“You..will..not..believe..what..just..happened” You could feel the excitement in her voice.
“At least greet us first now” came the reply.
“Am sorry. How you doing?”
“Am good. So what’s up? You are finally getting promoted?”
“This is even better news.”
“Alright. Shoot.”
“Tade’s fiancee just broke up with him” she said keeping her voice down. There was a pause.
“Hello? Are you there?”
“Are you for real? You are excited that someone’s relationship crashed. When did you start taking pleasure in bad news?”
“Bad news? This is the best news I have heard in ages. Remember that stuff I told you about? It’s happening.” There was another pause.
“So, what happened?”
Adunni went on to relay everything Tade had told her.
“But don’t you think this your excitement is over the top? Where you not the one who told me they had done their introduction. This is bad, bad news”.
” Well, ti eni kan lati baje, ki ti elomi le da now. Abi?” (Meaning someone’s downfall is another person’s uplifting.)
“Just take it easy and don’t crowd his space. I really hope you are right with this one” They went ahead to talk for a couple more minutes.

Later that evening, she treated Tade just to cheer him up. From ice cream to mocktails, grilled fish to peppered snail. They went on a food spree. While parting, he gave her a thank-you hug. This time, she lingered a  bit, taking in the smell of his Cologne mixed with sweat. She went to bed that night with a smile on her face.

Over time, their friendship blossomed, evolving into a beautiful relationship. Adunni stepped out in mad faith and began to plan their wedding long before he proposed. 6months after Tade’s fiancee dumped him, he eventually proposed. Within two months, they had gone through all the necessaries; from introduction to court to traditional wedding. Today happened to be their white wedding and as Adunni walked down the aisle, she couldn’t help but smile as she reflected on how it all began.

Tired of answering people’s questions on when she was going to get married, she began to pray about it. Weeks passed, she didn’t get any answer and she decided to give up the quest. One evening while sitting on her porch, watching the sun set, she said, “God, am tired of worrying my head over this husband issue. I am ready to be patient and hear from you in due time. When you are ready, am ready Lord”. She paused for few minutes. “And for the fun of it, let him give me a pink Bible so I can know he is the one”. Adunni giggled. She had an habit of making odd requests and it always worked out for her. She claims she is God’s last born and it’s allowed. She had completely forgotten about the bargain until the quarterly reminder she had set popped up. It troubled her greatly given the fact that Tade not only got engaged but went ahead to have his introduction. She tried convincing herself it was just a coincidence. Not until Tade’s fiancee broke up with him did she realise she had been impatient and had been thinking ahead of God. God did answer her prayer in 3months but it took another 10months for it to manifest.

She then realized, God does answer. He just doesn’t work with our own time. She wiped a tear away and joined her husband-to-be at the alter.

The End.

NB: The translation I made above, that’s the best I could do. Please don’t judge me.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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