Bargain gone wrong pt1


Adunni greeted the security man as she drove into the parking lot to her usual parking spot. She spotted the familiar black matte Honda Civic almost immediately and couldn’t help but smile. No matter how hard she tried, she was never going to beat the owner of that ride to work. She pulled in beside the Honda, put her car in ‘park’ and said a short prayer before killing the engine. Armed with her usual baggage; her hand bag, laptop bag, breakfast bag and a steaming cup of coffee, she headed towards the office building.

As the elevator took her to her office floor, she stole a quick glance at her wristwatch. It was 6:37. “Not so bad”, she thought. She took the advantage of staying close to the office to come in early and sort one or two things out before it became a beehive. As the elevator stopped and she stepped out, she began to make a mental list of things she hoped to accomplish that morning.  She noticed a shadow moving around busily in one of the offices. “I wonder what he is up to” she thought. She thought to drop by and say hi but changed her mind instead. “He’s probably pretty busy” she thought.

She had just settled in when her office phone rang. She picked it up and listened to the caller for few seconds. “Okay” she said and dropped the receiver. She put on her laptop and stepped out, giving it time to boot. As she approached the other office, she could hear noises filtering from under the door. She stopped briefly, took a deep breath then knocked.
“Come in” a muffled voice said.
She opened the door  slighlty, poked her head in and noticed the office was in a mess. She walked in and noticed he was half hidden by the wall cabinet door.
“What’s going on here?” She asked, surprised and confused.
“I am looking for an old file” came the muffled reply.
“Wow! Must be really important. You are practically tearing your office apart” she said, settling in one of the chairs and folding her arms across her chest. “So where do I come in?” She continued, seeing he didn’t seem to have any plans of coming off the cabinet. “You called me, remember?” She was going to add but changed her mind.
She watched as he stepped away from the cabinet, blew out air from his mouth and wiped sweat from his brows. “Arrgh” she heard him groan as he buried his face in his palms momentarily.
“Am sorry Dunni. Remember that proposal we wrote for the bill board advert we did for MTN? He said, standing with arms akimbo.
“Yes? What about it?”
“That’s the one I am looking for. I need to pick some pointers in it for my presentation this morning. I am meeting with Chief Austin’s team concerning his campaign. Remember? He sat on the edge of his desk. He caught Adunni smiling and shaking her head. ” What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
“So, it never occurred to you to ask me first before tearing down your office. Or you have forgotten we were both assigned that project. E dey your body. Give me a second.”

She walked back to her office leaving him to beat himself up on why he didn’t think of it in the first place. “Men sha! Instead of them to admit they need help, they will be forming macho. See the extra work he just gave himself” she said to her self as she pulled out the bottom drawer on her wall cabinet. She located the file, pulled off her jacket and headed back to his office.
“Here you go”, she said handing the file to him.
“Thank you so much girl. You are a life saver” he said happily.
“You are welcome”. She saw he had began to put his office in order and noticed a pink diary lying among the mess on the floor. “Can I see that diary, please?” nodding towards the book on the floor.
“It’s actually a Bible” he said, as he picked it up and handed it over to her.
She ran her hand over the front and back covers. The patterns crafted on them were so appealing. “The details on these covers….” She said halfway with so much admiration. “What are you doing with a pink Bible by the way? I thought you were one of those manly men” She said teasingly.
He stopped what he was doing and looked at her. “So, you are one of those people who go about profiling and stereotyping abi? He watched her shrug and shook his head. ” Well, it’s not mine. I bought it as a gift for my aunt but she passed away before I could give it to her. I had totally forgotten about it. You can have it. You seem in love with it already.”
Her face lit up. “Thanks. Let me leave you then. Got some work to do myself.”
“Sure” he replied without casting another glance at her.
   She walked back to her office, still admiring her new addition. She loved collecting books. If she likes it, she buys it. Be it a jotter or an encyclopedia. She wished it had come in another color though but the patterns were just too hard to ignore. She settled into her chair and looked at the time on her laptop as she dropped the Bible next to it. It was 7:05. He had eaten into her time than she realized. She picked up her phone and checked her notifications. She had new emails, 2 messages from one of her network providers and a reminder.

She opened the reminder first, looked at the Bible next to her and sank deep into her chair. 

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