Call of Duty: The Overdose.

Obi began to pace the hospital hallway. It's been 20minutes since they wheeled her in and he still hadn't heard anything from the doctors. The nurses passing by weren't forthcoming with information either. He sat down and fought back the tears, burying his face in his palms. He couldn't help but blame himself. It was … Continue reading Call of Duty: The Overdose.

Bargain gone wrong pt3

"Ta daa! Happy Birthday!!!" Her colleagues said in unison. She was dumbfounded. She never mentioned it to anyone and turned just in time to bump into the culprit. "Happy Birthday Dunni" Tade said pulling her in for a hug. She inhaled his scent and it felt so good resting her head on his chest. She … Continue reading Bargain gone wrong pt3

Bargain gone wrong pt 2

For some strange reason she began to recount what just happened in her head, remembering every tiny detail. The sweat on his brows, the little patch of sweat under his armpit, the way his tie hung askew on his neck and the freshly trimmed beard. She felt her stomach grumble and reached for her breakfast. … Continue reading Bargain gone wrong pt 2

Bargain gone wrong pt1

Adunni greeted the security man as she drove into the parking lot to her usual parking spot. She spotted the familiar black matte Honda Civic almost immediately and couldn't help but smile. No matter how hard she tried, she was never going to beat the owner of that ride to work. She pulled in beside … Continue reading Bargain gone wrong pt1