Love in the oddest place

My Post (3).jpgI had just emailed my last report for the day, getting ready to head home when my office buddy suggested we visit a new store down the road. I tried convincing her to go without me but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Sometimes I wish I could just throw her in a space ship headed for Pluto. I put my table in order, adjusted my hair and make up and then grabbed my stuffs. I waved goodbye to my other colleagues who were working late as I headed down to the lobby. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I spotted her by the entrance, tapping her foot impatiently.

You see, Cynthia is a shopaholic. It’s a mystery to me how she manages to maintain a lifestyle that was way abouve her paygrade. But then, I’m not the type to meddle in other people’s businesses. I approached her and caught her by the elbow.

“Monica, see as your body don dey shake sef. Ahn Ahn. What are you going to buy this time?” I asked as we hit the street.
“I have told you to stop calling me that. Wetin now?” She said, feigning annoyance. She very much aware I’d never stop calling her by that name as she was a spend thrift and the name rhymed with ‘money’.

“Yinmu. Just look at you. No be you dey spend money like say na your papa get World Bank? Come share some of your inheritance with me now. As your padi padi” I teased, rolling my eyes.
“Abeg, no even start this evening o. Allow me shop in peace, biko.”, She said, pulling her arm away from mine.
“Ehn, ehn. Na like that? I don’t blame you now. I for don dey inside taxi dey go my house.”, I responded, hissing. Truth was my feet were beginning to hurt and I couldn’t wait to get home and soak them in water.
“Oya no vex. I am just so excited. I heard this new store has their opening tonight and they are giving huge discounts . As a sharp lagos girl. You know now”, She winked at me and poked my side.
“Awoof na im go kill you.”, I said. I couldn’t help but smile. You need to see Cynthia whenever she hears the word ‘discount’. It’s like taking a child to a giant candy store for the first time. This trip had better be worth it because tired was an understatement to how I felt.

We had just taken a few steps further when something caught my eye. I stopped in front of the shop and pressed my nose on the glass. At the other side of the glass was the most magnificent view. I had no idea how long I stood there.

” Babe?” Cynthia’s voice cut through.
“You know what, go ahead. I will catch up with you in a bit.”, I brushed her off, trying to contain the bubbly feeling within me. I walked into the store and approached the counter slowly. (Now, this is the point where everything usually happens in slow motion, with the wind blowing my hair and some really nice theme song). I couldn’t believe the sight before me.
“Would you like a taste?”, a voice sounding like a thousand fairies said.
” What?” I asked, trying to compose myself.
“I noticed you right before you walked in. And I can tell by your expression that you want some.” He said, with the most beautiful smile. I couldn’t help but blush. I had no idea my excitement was written all over my face.
“Sure.” I said, smiling sheepishly.

I watched as this piece of perfection inched closer. I licked my lips in anticipation. I could not believe this was happening. I needed someone to pinch me.  I closed my eyes as my lips made contact. Fire crackers went off in my head as the warm taste spread through my mouth. I had waited a long time for this. I didn’t want to let go. But I could feel myself losing breathe. I needed air, so I pulled back.
“Did you enjoy our  espresso, ma’am?” The attendant said, smiling.
“Are you kidding? This is the best coffee I have tasted in a long time. You have no idea how much I have been anticipating this moment. Ever since you guys announced your new menu, I have been on edge.” I said flushed. “Can I try the cappuccino, please?” I added, giving my best puppy face as I gulped the remaining content.

Turned out they were giving free samples before the official launching. I walked out of the coffee shop, feeling alive and full of energy. Bye bye to regular coffee. As I proceeded to join Cynthia on her quest, I thought, “If this isn’t love, what is?”


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